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Most Expensive Car

This is the world’s most expensive model car. The Bugatti Veyron [ad300] Diamond Ltd is on sale for two million pounds – twice as much as the real thing. Liverpool-based designer Stuart Hughes took two months to create the intricate 1:18 scale model in partnership with Swiss luxury model car maker Robert Gulpen. Weighing in at 7kg, it has been created with platinum, solid 24ct gold, and a 7.2ct single cut flawless diamond on its front grill. The 10 inch car also boats functional steering and a highly detailed engine. In a limited edition of three, owners also get a certification of authenticity, an aluminium case and photo documentation of the manufacturing process.

Most Expensive Bicycle

The Aurumania Gold Bike Crystal edition is plated almost entirely plated with 24 karat gold… right down to the spokes. This unique bicycle can be purchased for a mere €80,000 (US $114,464), and delivered anywhere in the world.

Most Expensive Jeans

The Spin Jeans comprise of only 8 instances worldwide with a suggested retail price of ¥2,625,000 JPY (approximately $27,000 USD).

Most Expensive Suit

Made from cashmere wool, skill, and studded with 480 high quality diamonds it’s easy to see why the suit is expensive.  But at a whopping £599,000, the price-tag could be enough to make even the most wealthy Russian oligarch think twice before handing over his credit-card.

Most Expensive Whisky

The Macallan Fine and Rare Collection, 1926, 60 Years Old Price: $38,000.

Most Expensive Omelette

A London restaurant is offering what it claims is the world’s most expensive omelette, a £90 dish made from gulls’ eggs.

Most Expensive Wine

$500,000 (for charity) – Screaming Eagle Cabernet 1992. An imperial (six-litre bottle) of Screaming Eagle Cabernet 1992 technically fetched the highest price ever paid for a bottle of wine. However, the price must be discounted as its purchase, at the Napa Valley Wine Auction in 2000, was for charitable purposes.

Most Expensive Beer

A London restaurant has brought out a bottle of what is believed to be the world’s most expensive beer, costing £700 a bottle. The 12-litre bottle of Vieille Bon Secours ale has been stored for the last 10 years and has an alcoholic volume of 8 per cent.

Most Expensive House

Antilia is a residential complex built by Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries, in Mumbai, India. It is reported to be the most expensive home in the world and includes a staff of 600 to maintain the residence.

Most Expensive Hotel Room

Royal Villa at Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens (doubles from £30,500 per night)  Featuring a dedicated butler, chef and pianist, the Royal Villa overlooks the Aegean Sea, which you can view from a private pool with a hydro massage device.

Most Expensive Phone

The world’s most expensive iPhone to date is the 32 GB iPhone 4 Diamond Rose by Stuart Hughes. With a price of about $8 million the phone’s bezel is made of rose and approximately 500 individual flawless diamonds that total over 100ct.