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10. Hans Christian Andersen

hans christian andersen Top 10 Most Famous People Who Died a Virgin
Hans Christian Andersen was a strange character, but the famous author forever immortalized in books like the The Ugly Duckling and The Princess and the Pea, was wildly rumored to have died a virgin. However this contradicts other stories that he developed an obsession with a male lover, and the death of that relationship was the inspiration for the book The Little Mermaid”. It’s said that Anderson was gay and although he had occasional crushes on women, he could not bring himself to marry.

9. Nikola Tesla

Nikoloas Tesla Top 10 Most Famous People Who Died a Virgin
Nikola Tesla is not particularly well known in person, but he has been captured on cellular forever. If you switch on an old black and white movie with a mad scientist in a white coat, that character is likely to be based on Tesla.
Tesla was pretty much responsible for the invention of modern electric power, and his contemporaries were people like Thomas Edison. He may have become even more successful and famous than Edison, expect for his strange experimental nature. Tesla had claimed to have invented the death Ray Machine on order from the government. Tesla has tried to weaponize sound vibrations inventing a creation called the Tesla coil. In actuality the tesla coil was basically a massive phallic machine jacking in and out of the ground and rippling out vibrations for miles and miles.

8. Queen Elizabeth the First

Queen Elizabeth the First Top 10 Most Famous People Who Died a Virgin
Perhaps the most famous on this list of top 10 popular people who died virgin, Queen Elizabeth, is often actually referred to as “The Virgin Queen”. As Queen, Elizabeth was not allowed to have lovers (a privilege reserved for kings only) Queen Elizabeth remained chaste. Although she was an unwed woman it was said, Robert Devereaux and Robert Dudley were two men she had very interesting and intimate relationships with.

7. Lewis Carroll

Lewis Carroll Top 10 Most Famous People Who Died a Virgin
After his death some rather shocking discoveries were made about Lewis Carroll, such as his preference for underage girls. Carrol was always interested in photography and whilst many of his images where forever lost, the ones that were discovered, painted the author in a very negative light. Images of girls as young as 8 in various stages of undress including full nudity, made people take a second look as to why Lewis never took a wife or partner, and seamed to display no particular interest in adult relationships.
The images prove that Carroll had deviant sexual tastes, but the jury is still out on whether he died a virgin or not.

6. Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton Top 10 Most Famous People Who Died a Virgin
As a, mathematician, astronomer and physicist, Sir Issac newton is widely considered by many scholars to be one of the most influential people in the history of mankind.
Sir Issac Newton was not only a virgin, but in the eighty four years he lived it is said that he formed no romantic relationships or attachments what so ever. Newton was highly religious and puritanical to the point where he immediately ended a friendship with an acquaintance, whom made the mistake of telling him a rude story about a nun.
In our top 10 list of popular people who died virgin, Isaac Newton is of particular importance.

5. Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc Top 10 Most Famous People Who Died a Virgin
Joan of Arc is quite possibly the most renowned female virgin in the history books. Devoutly religious and rigidly puritanical, Joan of Arc is frequently called the “Virgin Warrior.” Remaining a virgin was an act of supplication and Devotion for to God. Although she preferred to be called a “maid”, rather than a virgin Joan of Arc saw her chasteness as outward sign and believed other should take example.

4. Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa Top 10 Most Famous People Who Died a Virgin
Mother Teresa was a catholic nun who undertook a tireless crusade to care for the sick and the dying. It was widely known then she was a virgin, such was her total devotion to Christ and the Catholic Church. Mother Teresa was a humble woman who shunned the limelight and although she was a virgin, millions called her mother. Mother Teresa definitely earns her place on this list of Top 10 popular people who died virgin.

3. Teresa DE’Avila

Teresa DE’Avila Top 10 Most Famous People Who Died a Virgin
One of the most important figures of all time, Teresa DE’Avila was born in a town called Avilla in Spain. Extremely close to her mother, she went through periods in her life when her faith wavered and she felt great guilt. Whilst Theresa found it easy to make friends, at age 16 she was sent to a convent and remained a virgin until she died.

2. J Edgar Hoover

J Edgar Hoover Top 10 Most Famous People Who Died a Virgin
J Edgar Hoover was a very interesting virgin who lived with his mother until she died and never married. As senior figurehead in the FBI, he always had to cover up his homosexuality, when in fact there are some rumors that he married a man called Christopher in secret and liked to spoil him with expensive gifts.

1. Henry Cavendish

henry cavendish Top 10 Most Famous People Who Died a Virgin
One of the most respected scientists of his time Henry Cavendish was shy, bashful and incredibly uncomfortable in social settings. There were always comments about his solitary personality and the fact that he never married, but sadly he was thought to be afraid of strangers. Born in Nice, Henry Cavendish came from an aristocratic French background, but very little is known about his upbringing. And many have pondered how one so privileged, grew up to be so troubled. After Sir Isaac Newton, Henry Cavendish is the most popular scientist to die a Virgin
Many people make a conscious choice to abstain for sexual relationships for various reasons. What this Top 10 List of popular people who died Virgin proves is, this is not a new phenomenon has been happening throughout the centuries.

As a reader, Do you think you would die virgin in this generation?