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Feeding pigeons in St Mark’s Square, Venice

Unusual laws around the world

You could face a fine for feeding pigeons in the square, which was outlawed in a bid to reduce pigeon numbers and associated damage to historic structures.

Running out of fuel in Germany

Unusual laws around the world

It is illegal to run out of fuel on the autobahn in Germany.

Driving with sandals/flip flops in Spain

Unusual laws around the world

Not advised in any case, but this is a criminal offence in Spain.

Swear in Virginia Beach, Virginia, US

Unusual laws around the world

In an effort to clear up the image of the family friendly beach, profanity was made an offence in the Nineties and if done can lead to a fine.

Spitting in Barcelona

Unusual laws around the world

Frowned upon in general, you can face a fine for spitting in the Spanish city, as well as in other destinations around the world.

Wearing high heels in Greece

Unusual laws around the world

Historic sites, such as the Acropolis, have banned the wearing of high heels for fear of causing damage to ancient monuments.

Driving with headlights off in Denmark

Unusual laws around the world

Danish law says that you must have dimmed headlights on at all times, even in daylight.

Chewing gum in Singapore

The Law is an Ass

Some people regard chewing gum as ill-mannered, but in Singapore it’s a criminal offence to chew gum unless it’s medicinal.

Eating during Ramadan in UAE

Unusual laws around the world

You must respect local customs in the United Arab Emirates or you could face a prison term.

Stepping on currency in Thailand

Unusual laws around the world

Thai baht carries the image of the much revered King of Thailand and stepping on the currency is a criminal act.

Eureka, Nevada

Unusual laws around the world

Other weird laws include one in Eureka, Nevada, which states that it is illegal for a man with a moustache to kiss women. In Portugal it is illegal to urinate into the sea. In Milan it is a legal requirement to smile at all times, unless attending a funeral or visiting a hospital.

Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia

The Law in an Ass

In Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia, the smelly durian fruit is banned from buses, subways, hotels and airports. In Danish restaurants you don’t have to pay for your meal unless – by your own opinion – you are “full”.

Japan, Thailand and Denmark

The Law in an Ass

In Japan it is technically forbidden to be obese – lawmakers set a maximum waistline of 80cm for men aged 40 and over. It is illegal to leave your house in Thailand without wearing underwear. In Denmark you must check under your vehicle for sleeping children before starting the engine.

Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago

The Law in an Ass

Flushing a loo after 10pm is forbidden in Switzerland. And wearing camouflage is against the law in Trinidad and Tobago, and in St Lucia