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The idea for the RYNO was born seven years ago, when creator Chris Hoffman’s daughter asked him to build a working version of a one-wheeled ride she saw in a video game. With a top speed of 16 Km/hour and a range of 16 Km, it won’t take you too far, too fast but will certainly attract a lot of interest. This one-wheeled, self-balancing electric motorcycle is about to hit the market with a price tag of $5,300.
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1. The umbrella for the avid rain-avoider


2. Ear enhancer


3. Easy ear explorer


4. Mobile toilet paper. How did live without it?


5. Metro chin-stick


6. The perks of having a baby


7. Never ending bubble wrap


8.  Never miss a drop again


9. Extendable arm for selfies


10. Sound-catcher pillow


11. Book-shaped pillow for jaded students


12. Silent Karaoke


13. Cupmen. It falls down when your noodles are hot


14. Banana slipcase


15. “Solar energy” lighter


16. Public transport helmet (please somebody translate the message on it)


17. When you’re too tired to stand up (notice the happy look on his face)


18. Hug-pillow for the lonely woman


19. Leg pillow for the lonely man


20. Butter grater


21. Splash protector for the hairs


22. Wedding countdown


23. Expensive square watermelon


(Viewers discretion advised)

A High-Tech Bra That Unhooks Only For ‘True Love’

Japanese lingerie manufacturer Ravijour has designed a bra, called the True Love Tester. The ad above features some so-called human sexuality specialists, who say that when women fall in love and get excited, the adrenal medulla secretes catecholamine, which stimulates the heart. An app receives heart rate information to analyze via Bluetooth from a sensor in the bra. When the “True Love rate exceeds a certain value, the bra hook is unlocked automatically.”

No-pulse, continuous-flow artificial heart

Billy Cohn & Bud Frazier, two visionary doctors from the Texas Heart Institute, who in March of 2011 successfully replaced a dying man’s heart with the device they developed, proving that life was possible without a pulse or a heart beat.

Craig Lewis, 55, was the first man to have a ‘continuous flow’ pump to replace his entire heart – and now has no pulse

Arm: A Brain-Controlled Limb from DARPA

This arm mimics the natural motion of the arm, elbow, wrist, and hand with 27 different movements (including rotation, bending, and extension) that’s at the top of the field.

Lower Leg/Foot: PowerFoot BiOM by iWalk

It uses a dedicated spring to simulate the motion of the calf muscles and Achilles tendon, rather than relying on the entire leg as a counterbalance. That means walking feels like, well, walking.

Knee: Vanderbilt’s Knee-Ankle Coordination Prosthesis

Developed at Vanderbilt University, this prosthetic knee is actually the first to sync with a prosthetic ankle.

Trachea: Grown From Stem Cells

Stem cells taken from the patient’s own bone marrow were implanted into the scaffolding, took hold, and the entire scaffold was implanted into the patient.

Tongue: Sweet Taster

The “tongue” was demonstrated last summer, and will eventually end up in factories, tasting all kinds of sweet foods you and I can only dream of.

Artificial eye connected to optic nerve


The first artificial retinal implant had been implanted and attached to the optic nerve of a completely blind person, giving them the first rudimentary perceptions of light and dark and shapes.

Bionic Man

The “man” was created with artificial organs, synthetic blood and robotic limbs as a way to showcase all of the different artificial body parts that human beings can now replace.

Artificial Ear grown in laboratory

Professor Alexander Seifalian with an ear ‘grown’ in a laboratory.

10. Michael Calce:
When he first started hacking he was famously referred as mafia boy, and his name was prevented from getting public, for he was a minor, when fads nabbed him. A high school student from west island, Quebec who launched service attacks in the year 2000 against the top commercial websites including Yahoo!,, Dell, E-trade, E-Bay and CNN. Like many hackers, Calce exploited websites primarily for pride and establishing dominance for himself and his cybergroup. On September 12, 2001, the Montreal Youth Court sentenced him to 8 months of open custody, one year probation, a small fine. He was restricted from accessing the internet. He obviously awestruck the people with his gig.

9. The Deceptive Duo:
In the year 2002 two young computer prodigies namely Benjamin stark,20 and Robert Lyttle,18 broke into government networks, including the U.S. navy, NASA, FAA and Department of Defense (DoD). They argued that they were merely trying to expose security failures and protect Americans because of the 9/11 incident. Stark was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment and Lyttle severed 4 months in prison with 3 years probation and was fined with an amount of ten thousand dollars each. The young tots definitely made top security officials to re-plan their security design.

8. Raphael Gray:
Raphael was 19 years old when he hacked the computer systems around the world in over six weeks, and made mockery of the security the world felt safe in. His mission was to make a multi- million pound credit card. He published about 6,500 credit cards as an example of weak security in the consumer websites.

7. Vladimir Levin:
Vladimir Levin became famous for being involved in an attempt to fraudulent transfer of $10.7 million through Citibank’s computers. He and his 4 other members with him were involved in this activity. He was said to have coordinated the first ever internet bank raid.
Levin used a laptop computer in London, England for the access. He stole the customers codes and passwords. He made a transaction of $3.7 million via wires to accounts his group controlled in United States, Finland, the Netherlands, Germany and Israel. He was arrested in London airport in March 1995, was convicted upto 3 years in jail. He had to pay Citibank of amount $240,015. Levin’s ability to transfer Citibank client funds to his own accounts was possible through stolen account numbers and PINs. Levin’s scam was a simple interception of clients’ calls while recording the punched in account numbers.

6. Adrian Lamo:
Adrian Lamo was famous by his nickname “the homeless hacker”. He used coffee shops, libraries and internet cafés as his locations for hacking. Lamo is widely-known for breaking into a series of high-profile computer networks–The New York Times, Microsoft, Yahoo!, and MCI WorldCom. In 2002, he added his name to the The New York Times’ internal database of expert sources and utilized LexisNexis account to conduct research on high-profile subjects. The Times filed a complaint, and a warrant for Lamo’s arrest was issued. After several days being underground, he finally surrendered to feds. He was ordered to pay approximately $65,000 in damages and was sentenced to six months house arrest at his parents’ home, with an additional two years of probation. Lamo is presently working as a threat analyst and donates his time and skills to a Sacramento-based nonprofit organization.

5. Jonathan James:
Jonathan James, aged only 16, was the first teenager to be held captive for computer hacking when he was only sixteen years old. He broke into the server of department of defense in the year 1999 which gave him a nick name comrade at the age of 16. He also broke into NASA. Stealing softwares of NASA and DoD later put him into big trouble. When he was accused of hacking several websites he said that he was actually having a look and fooling around and that what he found really interesting was the challenge to see what he could do.
On May 18, 2008, aged 25, he committed suicide using a gun. James in his suicide note expressed that he would be made a scapegoat and blamed for cyber crimes he did not commit: “I have no faith in the ‘justice’ system. Perhaps my actions today, and this letter, will send a stronger message to the public. Both way, I have lost control over this situation, and this is my only way to regain control,” as given in Listverse.

4. Kevin Poulsen
Also known as Dark Dante, Poulsen gained recognition for his hack of LA radio’s KIIS-FM phone lines, (taing over all of the station’s phone lines) which earned him a brand new Porsche, among other items. His photo came up on the show Unsolved Mysteries, 1-800 phone lines for the program crashed. Law enforcement dubbed him “the Hannibal Lecter of computer crime.”Authorities began to pursue Poulsen after he hacked into a federal investigation database. During this pursuit, he further drew the ire of the FBI by hacking into federal computers for wiretap information. Poulsen went underground as a fugitive when the FBI began its search for him, but in 1991, he was finally captured. He pleaded guilty to seven counts of mail, wire and computer fraud, money laundering, obstruction of justice, and for obtaining information on covert businesses run by the FBI. Kevin Poulsen was sentenced to 51 months in prison (4 years and 3 months), which was the longest sentence ever given for hacking at the time. However, since serving time, Poulsen has worked as a journalist and is now a senior editor for Wired News.

3. Kevin David Mitnick:
Kevin started with his minor cyber crimes when he was twelve years old. He hacked the Los Angeles bus transfer system to get free rides the biggest hacking was the breaking into the DEC system to view the VMS source code (open virtual memory system which lead to the clean-up cost of around $160,000. He broke into the computer of top technology and telecommunications like Nokia, Motorola, Fujitsu Siemens and sun Microsystems. He termed his activity as social engineering to legalize his acts. He also gained the full administration privileges to IBM minicomputers at the computer learning institute in Los Angeles for a bet. He was sent to prison for five years and eight months and when he was freed he decided to set up Mitnick Security, which is a safety consultancy company that offers its services for multinational firms.

2. Robert Tappan Morris:
On November 2, 1988, Robert Morris released a worm that took down one-tenth of the Internet, crippling 6,000 plus computer systems. At that time he was a student at Cornell and from that where he started writing codes to create worms as he wanted to know how large the internet world is. But the worm lead to the slow speed of internet and made the systems no longer usable. He was sent to 3 years imprisonment, 400 hours of community service and was fined $10,500. At present he is a professor at Massachusetts institute of technology, computer science and artificial intelligence laboratory. He was the first person prosecuted under the 1986 Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. It’s been a turn big turn around in his life, from a young computer prodigy to feared hacker, and now a professor at one of the most respected university.

1. Gary McKinnon:
Gary McKinnon comes first among his peer hackers. His hacking into top notch U.S. institutions was talk of legends. U.S. military, Pentagon, NASA succumbed to his hacking and reduced to sort of mockery. In 2002, an exceptionally odd message appeared on a US Army computer screen: “Your security system is crap,” it read. “I am Solo. I will continue to disrupt at the highest levels.” It was later identified as the work of Scottish systems administrator, Gary McKinnon. This made him the biggest hacker celebrity the world have ever seen and registered his name in golden words in book of hackers. McKinnon is now facing 70 years of imprisonment and is deprived from accessing internet. He has illegally accessed 97 computers and has caused around $700,000 damage to the economy. The most shocking thing McKinnon’s motives for the large scale hackings, which he claims were in search of information on UFOs. He believed the US government was hiding such information in its military computers.

. Nokia 888:  Flexural Cell Phone You can do anything to your phone (in term of the shape), you can roll, you can also change the shape as you wish so that it will be more ergonomic. This cell phone is using liquid battery and using touch screen display.

Top 9 Most Unique Cell Phones in The World



. Hyundai MP-280:  Perfume Cell phone For a woman and man that self-conscious with their body odor, Hyundai makes this cell phone, MP 280, a clam shell type phone with a tube of perfume. Once you open the phone to call or receive a phone, perfume will be sprayed. Once the jar of perfume had been discharged, you can recharge as well. MP-280 is also equipped with the syringe that you can fill yourself with your favorite perfume. Things like a butterfly in the middle of the cell phone is where you inject your perfume. 2 drops of concentrate will be sufficient for 8 hours. In addition to this perfume, this cell phone is also equipped with a cover panel that would make it appear more attractive for the consumer.

Top 9 Most Unique Cell Phones in The World



.Telson TWC 1150: Camera Watches Cell Phone This camera watch cell phone weighs only 98 grams. Telson TWC 1150 has many unique features including loudspeaker, voice recorder and voice recognition capabilities. Batteries for these small items, capable of supporting the talks for 100 minutes, and can standby for 150 hours. Telson TWC 1150 is also equipped with a digital camera, can store 80 images that can be used as a phone book as well. Even in the phone book, it can be set by a specific flame color display according to the group of contact.

Top 9 Most Unique Cell Phones in The World



. NOKIA SURV1: Water Resistant Cell Phone with Outdoor appearances The concept for SURV1 is waterproof and strong frame for the cellphone. This cell phone is targeted for users who often spends more time in an outdoor atmosphere. This cell phone can even be used as a belt fastener, or a great necklace, and only use the touch screen without any buttons (except for emergencies). High-resolution screen scratch resistance that can also be used as a flashlight. As a supporter of outdoor activities, this cell phone is also equipped with GPS and an MP3 player.

Top 9 Most Unique Cell Phones in The World



. Dbtel M50:
Similar to iPod If you like iPod model, this cell phone will make you feel you’re holding the iPod. You can go through the phone menu, there are 4 buttons, answer calls, postpone action or end the call. Dial Pad is a way to detect your
movements. Around the Dial Pad there is also 4 functions for music. Once you confirm the song you want, you can click the round button in the middle to play it. The displays are also not usual screen, the screen is touch screen, and you
can activate the number keys with just one touch of the screen. This cell phone also has a 2.0 Megapixel camera, GPRS, USB, IrDA, and many more.

Top 9 Most Unique Cell Phones in The World



. BenQ Qube Z2:  Cube-shaped cellphones The keypad of this cell phone arranged vertically in two rows on the right side of the screen, navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen, and has many features: MP3 with lyrics display, voice recorder, FM radio and 3D surround sound. Existing memory is 60MB, which would be a lot of store images from the camera is 1.3 Megapixel, and even accepting additional memory from the SD card.

Top 9 Most Unique Cell Phones in The World



. Nokia Colores : Virtual Harddisk Cell phone The concept of this tool is the ‘virtual’ harddisk, which will allow you to access important information and incorporate them into a single tool. The cellphone includes GPS, GPRS, recording devices
that can transform sound into text, biometric scanner, even fingerprints recognition, 3G CDMA2000 1xEV-DO, Google Earth, and the structure of carbon fiber.

Top 9 Most Unique Cell Phones in The World



.Samsung Serene: Elegant Cell phone This cellphone is unique and specially designed by Bang & Olufsen. If you see this cellphone, its design was so unique: its screen is designed under the cellphone, and the button above it. Why under the screen? Because they think that in this way, the screen will not be greasy again, because of the user’s cheek. The minimalist design is very unique, there is no screen on the outside part of the cellphone, the circular formed button, and ring tones that are used and installed are designed not to rude ears, so the elegant impression would appear very clear.

Top 9 Most Unique Cell Phones in The World



.Vodafone 904SH: Cell Phone with Face Identification Feature Probably this is the most secure cell phone, because of the face identification feature. So cell phone can be programmed to recognize a user’s face and will remain locked so that the
memory or the existing functions will not be accessible by others, until it recognizes the face of the cell phone users who have been programmed. You can also use the “Movement Sensor” that allows users to use your cell phone like Nintendo Wii sticks, especially with the game that can be interconnected with a similar type.

Top 9 Most Unique Cell Phones in The World



.Kyocera’s Flexible, Folding  Phone Concept
Kyocera’s EOS folding concept phone incorporates a flexible OLED screen, changing its form from a clamshell into something resembling a wallet or clutch-purse.

Kyoceras flexible, folding phone concept



.Motorolla Piccolo Concept Phone
The Piccolo Concept 1 cell phone received its design inspiration by Motorola, bringing a sexy and sleek concept that will definitely appeal to females.

Motorolla Piccolo Concept Phone



.Multimedia Concept Phone
Designer Jakub Lekeš tries to push the limits of phone designing with his concept. This phone has many useful features. A sliding touch screen QWERTY keyboard is concealed under the display and there is a 4.3 megapixel autofocus camera with digital zoom support on the back. The most interesting feature is the side of the phone that shows the running track.

Multimedia concept phone



.LG Traveler Concept Phone
Created by Andrew Zheng, the handset is a thin slider with a touch screen on board and a physical button keypad. The unusual shape of the LG Traveler phone was created for better grip and this aspect gets enhanced. Thanks to rubbers grips on the side.

LG Traveler Concept Phone



.Eclipse Intuit Phone
Eclipse Intuit phone by Eddie Goh. It has the entire basic feature we’ve come to expect from our mobiles: powerful 5 megapixel camera with built-in software for editing and uploading pictures to photo album, slide-out touch keyboard with tactile feedback and a nice big touch screen front and center. What makes this concept unique is parts of the phone are made from a chemically based thin solar skin to charge the battery when it’s exposed to any kind of light.

Eclipse Intuit Phone



.The Kambala Ear-Phone
The Kambala is a mobile phone that transforms to an earphone as well. Pop the center piece and the earpiece clip pings out; clip this to your ear and you got a phone-earphone! Multilayered Polymer which hosts all the electronic components is used in its construction. A continuous flexi-screen with plenty of sensors makeup the surface and it has the ability to transmit the image on the inside of the phone to the outside.




.LG Flutter Concept Phone
The LG Flutter will have an opportunity to be featured in a future blockbuster movie. The device opens up like a fan, as you can see in the image above and has a flexible OLED touch screen display that scrolls radically.

LG Flutter concept phone




The designer Mac Funamizu drew on the Nokia Aeon to design a phone he would like to have. Complete with Apple’s standard livery. Using a nondescript tactile feedback technology, its surface adapts to different purposes while the e-ink screen envelops the phone in graphics and information.




.Mobile Script
This phone/laptop packs a small front touch display plus a larger screen on the inside of the handset. The latter can be pulled out and become an even larger display turning the device into a mini laptop. The “Mobile Script” mobile phone does not require a power charge. Its case is covered with a nano material, converting the Sun light into the energy for your phone feed.

Mobile script



.NEC’s “Tag” Phone Concept
An intriguing concept from NEC Design, this Tag Soft-Shell Mobile Phone shows how cumbersome carrying a phone in your pocket can be. Made of rubbery “shape-memorizing” material, the tag will bend and twist at your command.

NEC's Tag Phone Concept



.LG Helix Bracelet Phone
Designer Rob Luna created an LG concept phone called Helix, a device that can also be used as a slap bracelet worn on the owner’s wrist. LG Helix comes with flexible circuits, a touch screen display and the concept device is made out of rubber and black stainless steel. You can attach the handset to the belt, through a magnetic charger and use the kinetic energy generated by the user to power up the cell phone.

LG Helix Bracelet Phone



.Motorola Sparrow
Motorola has come up with a new concept of Motorola Sparrow. A concept conceived to provide retail stores with a mobile point of sale device. The Motorola Sparrow is an all-in-one device that combines a scanner, RFID, point of sale (POS) system, communication and credit card reading capabilities. Equipped with touch sensitive areas, the front and back of the Motorola Sparrow makes it easy to navigate and use.

Motorola Sparrow



.Yuxa From Eco-Friendly Materials
Mexican designer Veronica Eugenia Rodriguez Ortiz created the Yuxa wearable cell phone concept. This is an eco-friendly phone featuring an OLED display and rechargeable battery, plus an innovative means of communication.

Yuxa From Eco-Friendly Materials



.Bracelet Phone Concept
Designer Tao Ma has designed an inimitably different concept phone that has got the looks of a bracelet. The shiny gizmo vibrates when you receive a message and you can read the text by taking the bracelet off the wrist and pressing its precious looking keys.

Bracelet Phone Concept



.Nokia 888 Mobile Phone
New Nokia concept – Nokia 888. It uses liquid battery, speech recognition, flexible touch screen, touch sensitive body cover which lets it understand and adjust to the environment.

Nokia 888 Mobile Phone



.Blue Bee Phone
Another futuristic smart phone created by Kingyo. Blue Bee is a very interesting handset interface which is also appealing at the same time.

Blue Bee Phone



.Relexer Cellphone
Designer Lu Yin has designed a mobile phone called “Relexer”. As its name suggest it also function as a medical gadget to review the health of the users. Integrating a thermometer that can be worn around the wrist like a bracelet, the cell phone measures the temperature and other drastic discrepancies in the body.

Relexer cellphone



.HTC 1
The concept designer Andrew Kim has designed the HTC 1 to be a premium Android device. It is designed to use machined brass to add strength to the phone. Some notable features of the concept include stereo speakers (located at the top and bottom of the phone), a kickstand which is actually the bottom portion of the casing, and the lofty concept of a built-in UV light which kills germs on the surface of the phone while you charge up.




.Nokia Morph Cell Phone Concept
The Morph is a concept that demonstrates how future mobile devices might be stretchable and flexible, allowing the user to transform their mobile device into radically different shapes. It demonstrates the ultimate functionality that nanotechnology capable of delivering: flexible materials, transparent electronics and self-cleaning surfaces.

Nokia Morph Cell Phone Concept



.Connext Concept
Connext is an all-in-one, flexible smart device designed by James Zhang that can morph its form to fit the application that it assumes. Combining OLED touch-screen technology with E-paper flexibility, this device can switch to become a mobile phone, computer, multimedia player, watch, physical avatar etc.

Connext Concept



.BenQ Siemens Concept Phone
Latest BenQSiemens‘s concept phone that wraps around your hand.

BenQ-Siemens Snake



.LG’s Folding Phone
This HiFi concept headset gives us a whole new way of using a cell phone. It’s a peculiar touch screen phone which the headset can be wrapped around the head to enjoy music and attend to call even when you are moving around.

LGs folding



.Mooon Concept Phone
Mooon concept phone designed by Sunman Kwon has a sleek, big and beautiful touch screen, and of course a camera. What’s special about Mooon is that at the bottom of this phone, you’ll find a Bluetooth headset, detachable when you need it.

Mooon Concept Phone



.Nokia Kinetic Concept Design
Creative designer Jeremy Innes-Hopkins has an interesting concept phone called the Nokia Kinetic. An electromagnet in the base of the phone allows weight to be shifted which causes the phone to stand up when receiving a call.

Nokia Kinetic Concept Design



.LG Exo Smartphone
LG Exo Smartphone designed by Benjamin Lotte is a good-looking phone with a high strength polymer exoskeleton for protecting the delicate internal components. The external skin is made of rubber that enhance ergonomics and increase strength. You can easily change the skin color to the color you desire.

LG Exo Smartphone



.Philips Fluid Flexible Concept
The Philips Fluid Smartphone designed by Brazilian designer Dinard da Mata looks like one of those “Slap Wrap” slap bracelets kids used to wear in the 90s. Flexibility is one thing that makes it differ from conventional smart phones. Made of OLED, it can keep all the features of a smart phone available while adding the extra advantage of turning into a bracelet.

Fluid Flexible Concept



.Seabird Concept
Seabird is Mozilla Labs concept phone. The Seabird is a concept phone packed with cool features including integrated Pico Projector that can be used to project a virtual keyboard.

Seabird Concept



.Nagisa Phone Concept
Cool phone concept by Mac Funamizu. This smart phone has some incredible features. The dented keypad that gives the look of a wavy sea bed and the screen is designed in such way that it turns almost 180 degrees.

Nagisa Phone Concept



.Glass Phone Concept
Glass phone concept is also created by designer Mac Funamizu.

Glass phone concept



.DYA Phone: A New Concept
This new DYA phone brings a whole new meaning to the world slider. DYA phone has an unique design that uses diagonal cut and become compact when not in use. But it is large enough for any other basic function you need.

DYA Phone: A New Concept