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No-pulse, continuous-flow artificial heart

Billy Cohn & Bud Frazier, two visionary doctors from the Texas Heart Institute, who in March of 2011 successfully replaced a dying man’s heart with the device they developed, proving that life was possible without a pulse or a heart beat.

Craig Lewis, 55, was the first man to have a ‘continuous flow’ pump to replace his entire heart – and now has no pulse

Arm: A Brain-Controlled Limb from DARPA

This arm mimics the natural motion of the arm, elbow, wrist, and hand with 27 different movements (including rotation, bending, and extension) that’s at the top of the field.

Lower Leg/Foot: PowerFoot BiOM by iWalk

It uses a dedicated spring to simulate the motion of the calf muscles and Achilles tendon, rather than relying on the entire leg as a counterbalance. That means walking feels like, well, walking.

Knee: Vanderbilt’s Knee-Ankle Coordination Prosthesis

Developed at Vanderbilt University, this prosthetic knee is actually the first to sync with a prosthetic ankle.

Trachea: Grown From Stem Cells

Stem cells taken from the patient’s own bone marrow were implanted into the scaffolding, took hold, and the entire scaffold was implanted into the patient.

Tongue: Sweet Taster

The “tongue” was demonstrated last summer, and will eventually end up in factories, tasting all kinds of sweet foods you and I can only dream of.

Artificial eye connected to optic nerve


The first artificial retinal implant had been implanted and attached to the optic nerve of a completely blind person, giving them the first rudimentary perceptions of light and dark and shapes.

Bionic Man

The “man” was created with artificial organs, synthetic blood and robotic limbs as a way to showcase all of the different artificial body parts that human beings can now replace.

Artificial Ear grown in laboratory

Professor Alexander Seifalian with an ear ‘grown’ in a laboratory.