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1. A mobile phone and a hands free kit are seen in the rectum on an X-ray of a 58 year old Sri Lankan prisoner, who tried to hide his mobile phone during a search of his cell.000-Del6192213-jpg_033111

2. When doctors examined an X-ray image of the knees of a woman experiencing severe joint pain, they found a gold mine: hundreds of tiny gold acupuncture needles left in her tissue.ec21db3c-75fe-4b1f-acf5-65a8b7f722b3_gold_acupuncture_scan 

3. Chicago’s Dante Autullo unknowingly shot a nail into his skull and posted a picture of the X-ray on Facebook during his ambulance ride between hospitals for surgery. Autullo underwent surgery to remove the 3-1/4-inch nail lodged in his brain and is recovering.shocking-x-ray-02-300112-630-jpg_041321

4. This image provide by the University Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona shows the x-ray of an 86 year-old man, Leroy Luetscher, who was accidentally impaled through his eye socket with pruning shears at his home on July 30, 2011. While working in his yard, Luetscher dropped a pair of pruning shears, which landed in the ground point-side down. When Mr. Luetscher went to pick up the shears, he lost his balance and fell face-down on the handle. The shears handle penetrated his eye socket underneath his eye and went down into his neck. Mr. Luetscher was taken by ambulance to University Medical Center’s Level 1 Trauma Center. University of Arizona surgeons, including trauma surgeon Julie Wynne, MD, oculoplastic specialist Lynn Polonski, MD, and vascular surgeon Kay Goshima, MD, were able to remove the shears, rebuild his orbital floor with metal mesh, and save his eye.Shocking-X-rays-220911-02_044354

5. Six nails embedded in the skull of construction worker Isidro Mejia, 39, after an industrial incident caused a nail gun to shoot nails into his head and brain on April 19, 2004, are seen in this X-ray image from Providence Holy Cross Hospital in Los Angeles. Five of the six nails were removed in surgery that day and the sixth was removed from his face on April 23, after the swelling went down.Shocking-X-rays-220911-03_044301

6. An X-ray showing a 17centimeter (6.7 inches) pair of surgical scissors in the abdomen of 69-year-old Pat Skinner in Sydney, Australia, Tuesday, April 20, 2004. Mrs Skinner had an operation at St.George hospital in Sydney’s south in May 2001, but continued to suffer intense pain and it was only when she insisted on an x-ray 18 months later that she discovered the scissors inside.Shocking-X-rays-220911-04_044302

7. The X-ray picture shows a 5-centimeter nail stuck in an unidentified South Korean patient’s skull Thursday, Dec. 2, 2004. According to a Seoul hospital, doctors found the nail after the man came to the hospital, complaining about a severe headache. They speculate that the nail stuck in the man’s head four years ago in an accident but the man didn’t know about it.Shocking-X-rays-220911-05_044234

8. This X-ray released by New York’s Montefiore Medical Center, Monday, July 16, 2007, shows a screw that was inserted in the broken neck of Paul Robinson, of Kirkland, Wash. Robinson, 53, was in the steep upper deck of Yankee Stadium with his wife and son July 8, 2007, when an unidentified man above him fell down several rows of seats, breaking Robinson’s vertebra.Shocking-X-rays-220911-11_044248

9. In this undated photo, an X-ray image of Chinese woman, Luo Cuifen, 29, released by Richland International Hospital, needles are seen in her body. Chinese surgeons planned to begin removing 23 needles from Luo, possibly imbedded under her skin by grandparents trying to kill her so that a baby boy might take her place, a hospital spokesman said Monday, Sept. 10, 2007. In many parts of China, baby boys are still heavily favored over girls because they are bound by tradition to support their parents in their old age, and because they carry on the family name.Shocking-X-rays-220911-12_044315

10. An undated X-ray shows steel balls and magnets inside of 8-year-old Haley Lents, after the Huntingburg, Ind. child swallowed the pieces from a magnetic toy set on May 8, 2008. The child required emergency surgery and was hospitalized for two weeks.Shocking-X-rays-220911-13_044234

11. In this undated Metropolitan Police handout, x-ray images show how a teenage boy cheated death when a five inch knife was plunged into his head. The 16-year-old and two other young men were injured when they tried to stop a friend being robbed at a bus stop. He was rushed to hospital with the kitchen knife still stuck in his forehead after the attack in Walworth, south London.Shocking-X-rays-220911-14_044314

12. In this undated photo released by the New South Wales Police on Friday, April 24, 2009, an X-ray image of the skull of Chinese man Chen Liu is shown. Liu’s badly decomposed body was found in marshland in Sydney’s south, Nov. 1 2008, after being shot repeatedly in the head with a high-powered nail gun.Shocking-X-rays-220911-15_044328

13. This photo taken aug. 6, 2011 and released Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2011 by the Cicero Police Department shows an x-ray revealing a diamond ring inside Wilfredo Gonzalez-Cruz, 30, of Chicago, that he allegedly stole from the home of a women in Cicero, Ill., and then and swallowed. Gonzalez was arrested Friday, aug. 5 and authorities recovered the ring after waiting for it to complete its journey through his body.Shocking-X-rays-220911-16_044248

14. An X-ray showing a spear that has pierced through the head of 16-year-old Yasser Lopez is seen in this handout photo from Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida provided to Reuters June 19, 2012. Lopez was spear fishing with a friend when he was accidentally shot in the head. The spear entered just above his right eye, and penetrated through his brain to the back of his skull. Miraculously, no vital brain structures were damaged by the harpoon, and Lopez is now recovering from the incident.xray-accident-220612-630-jpg_055959


Teeth Chiseling


In Mantawaian, a remote village from Sumatra, the natives don’t just pierce and tattoo their skins, they also chisel their teeth. Why do they do it? Because an old myth of theirs says that their ancestors once separated in spirits and humans. Humans were able to join the spirits if they felt unhappy with their lives. A soul can leave the body, causing its death if it is not happy with the body. So in order to keep their souls happy, the natives make their looks prettier. And in their standards, teeth chiseling is a good way to look pretty.


Checkout how it is done with your own eyes :

Blackening Teeth


Ohaguro is a custom dyeing one’s teeth black and even though it may seem something completely bizarre to us, in South_west Asia, it’s considered a must! Those who do it say that it helps keep their teeth healthier and cavity free.


See how they blackening their own teeth :

Pulling out Teeth


In Cape Town, South Africa a bizarre fashion stands its ground for the past 60 years. In that part of the world, it is considered fashionable to pull out your front teeth… Moreover, youngsters as well as the elderly, both believe that this is actually a beauty ritual, and people who do chose to keep their front teeth are laughed at.

Tattooing Gums with Black


Women in Senegal believe that blackening their gums makes their smile more enchanting and beautiful. Have a look at the video below to see how hard it is to have your gums tattooed.

See how it was done :

(viewers discretion advised)

The Performance Artist Who Nailed His Own Testicles to Red Square (Russia)

pyotr TURS99z

In November 2013, Pyotr Pavlensky, a 29-year-old Russian performance artist, nailed his testicles to a Red Square cobblestone outside Lenin’s Mausoleum in Moscow in protest against the Kremlin’s crackdown on political rights.

Following the incident, Pavlensky received treatment at a clinic before being taken to a police station.

It’s not the first time that Pavlensky has resorted to dramatic methods of protest. He has previously sewn his lips together to demonstrate against the jailing of two female members of the Pussy Riot punk band who staged an anti-Kremlin performance inside Moscow’s main cathedral in 2011. He was also arrested after wrapping his naked body in barbed wire outside a Saint Petersburg government building.

The Single Man Who Cut Off His Own Penis Because It’s of No Use to Him (China)


In October 2013, Yang Hu, a 26-year-old single Chinese man decided to cut off his member as there was no use for it.

Mr. Hu (not pictured) had been increasingly depressed about the fact that, since moving to the city, he could not find a girlfriend. What was worse was that he was working such long hours in a clothing factory in Jiaxing, in east China, that he doubted he would ever have a chance to meet a woman.

His depression grew so bad that he decided to cut off his member as “there was no use for it anyway,” believing that it would stop him from thinking about getting a girlfriend. However, after suffering in agony he made the decision to cycle to a hospital for treatment.

When he arrived doctors told him that they couldn’t help save his manhood and ordered him to cycle back home to get the penis before he could be treated.

Unfortunately, when Mr. Hu eventually arrived back at the hospital with the severed member, doctors told him that it had been without blood for too long, so it was impossible to reattach it.

The big question is why doctors didn’t provide the man with an ambulance. That way he might have managed to get home quicker and his private parts could have been saved.

The Man Who Ripped Off His Own Penis After Taking Hallucinogenic Mushrooms (USA)


In June 2013, a 41-year-old Columbus, Ohio native, whose name has not been reported, ripped off his own penis during a drug-fueled high after taking magic mushrooms.

According to police, the man was completely stoned when he was found naked, covered in blood, and screaming outside of Ypsilanti Middle School in Michigan, and parts of his genitals lay on the ground beside him. Everything indicated that the man had mutilated his penis with his bare hands.

Apparently, the man broke a window at the school, which set off the alarm, and police were alerted.

Immediately, officers subdued the man and took him to St. Joseph Mercy Hospital. He later reportedly told investigators that he was in the Ypsilanti area visiting friends and had taken hallucinogenic mushrooms, but he didn’t remember much after that.

Despite having been bombastic news, nothing more was heard about this man or his medical treatment.

The Portuguese Model Who Removed His Lover’s Testicles with a Corkscrew (USA)


In January 2012, Renato Seabra, a 23-year-old former Portuguese model, bludgeoned his 65-year-old lover Carlos Castro to death and then removed his testicles with a corkscrew in a New York hotel room.

Mr. Castro, a well-known TV personality and writer in Portugal, ended their affair and would no longer pay for Seabra’s high-flying lifestyle. So, in a fit of rage, the former model stomped his lover’s face, stabbed him in the face and groin with a corkscrew, and rammed a computer monitor onto his head. Seabra then castrated Mr. Castro with a corkscrew and placed the testicles on his own wrists. He showered, put on clean clothes, took $1,600 from Mr. Castro’s wallet, and placed a “do not disturb” sign on the room’s door before checking himself into the hospital. The day after the murder, Seabra confessed to the crime in the hospital.

According to Seabra’s lawyers, his client killed Mr. Castro due to a few delusions that had led the former model to believe that he was on a mission from God to rid Mr. Castro of homosexuality.

In December 2012, the former model was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

The Drunk Man Who Tried to Rape a Raccoon and had His Penis Bitten Off (Russia)


In January 2009, Alexander Kirilov, a 44-year-old Russian man, was on a drunken weekend with pals when he tried to rape a raccoon while his buddies watched. You might be able to guess what happened next. The animal was frightened and tried to defend itself by taking a big bite out of Kirilov’s penis.

Kirilov was taken to a hospital in Moscow, where plastic surgeons tried unsuccessfully to restore his mangled manhood.

The Former Politician Whose Penis was Amputated After an Overdose of Viagra (Colombia)

How-to-Use-Viagra-Or-Generic-viagra amputation

In September 2013, Gentil Ramírez Polanía, a 66-year-old former local politician from Colombia, had to have his penis amputated after he allegedly overdosed on Viagra to impress his girlfriend.

After an erection that lasted for several days, his penis started to develop signs of gangrene and he was forced to go to the hospital due to the pain.

When he sought medical help, doctors informed him that his only option was amputation so the inflammation and gangrene would stop spreading to other parts of his body.

The Peruvian Man Who Lost His Penis Due to a Penile Implant Gone Wrong (USA)


In 2007, Enrique Milla, a 65-year-old Peruvian man, lost his penis after a post-surgical infection that resulted in the amputation of his organ.

Mr. Milla elected to have penile implant surgery because he suffered from erectile dysfunction, but doctors erred in letting Milla have the surgery because the patient suffered from high blood pressure and extreme diabetes, factors that would make him a poor candidate for the procedure.

Two weeks after the operation, Mr. Milla developed an infection that eventually turned to gangrene. Amputation of his penis was necessary to save his life.

The Doctors’ attorney blamed Milla for not taking care of himself properly after the procedure. The attorney said that Milla may have contracted the infection by engaging in post-surgical sex, resulting in an infection.

The Woman Who Chopped Off Part of Her Former Lover’s Penis to Prevent Him from Targeting Other Women (Australia)


In February 2011, Jian Chen, a 48-year-old Chinese woman who was living in Australia, chopped off her ex-partner’s penis and fatally stabbed him in the neck to prevent him from targeting other women.

Chen added sleeping tablets to her former partner’s dinner and waited for him to fall asleep before tying his hands and feet and cutting off his penis.

The Courier Mail reports that the man died in Royal North Shore Hospital from his injuries, including stab wounds to his jaw and leg.

According to the information, 48-year-old Xian Peng returned to Australia from China for a visit and was at the home of his former partner Jian Chen.

In August 2012, Chen was sentenced to a minimum of three years and nine months in jail after pleading guilty to manslaughter.

According to Chen’s statement, she was suffering from a “substantial impairment of the mind” due to mental illness. Chen also believed that her husband wanted to impregnate wealthy women to get money off them, so she decided to destroy “his weapon” to keep him from harming any more women and future children.

(viewers discretion advised)

Pig Man of Gautemala


In  2012, residents of the Guatemalan village  decided that a pig’s odd human-shaped head was the work of extraterrestrials, after strange bright lights were spotted hovering in the sky on the night of its birth. The poor pig, which was one of a litter of 11, as described as looking like a cross between a human and something from science fiction movies. Farmer Laureano Escobar Arias said: ‘I was shocked – it was a really terrifying experience.

‘It looked like some kind of alien creature.’

However, local health officials have suggested that there are more earthly reasons for the pig’s appearance.


‘We don’t know for certain but it could have been caused by a genetic problem or by environmental pollution,’ one commented.

Monkey Pig From China


In 2012 the birth of a strange pig in China caused a sensation.  The strange beast was rumored to be a cross between a frisky monkey and a sow.




Half human half sheep


On Monday, January 22, 2012, doctors and staff of Fakon Idi Veterinary Clinic, in Sokoto metropolis were hit with amazement when a sheep was delivered of a monster-like creature. The news of a “half sheep, half human” creature born to an adult sheep in the town of Sokoto, Nigeria quickly spread across the world. The locals claimed witchcraft, Dr. Dahiru Sani who was one of the surgeons that carried out the operation on the controversial sheep said infections such as German measles, excess drugs and radiation could cause such abnormalities in animal pregnancy.


Half-human half-goat


According to the Daily Post in Nigeria, in September, 2012 a general hospital located in Jahun, Jigawa state became a theater of absurd and bizarre when a woman who had labored for 9 months gave birth to what looks like a combination of human head and goat legs. The woman whose identity is yet to be revealed had delivered peacefully only to have had a child with human head with no neck, and goat legs handed to her by the doctor.

Half-man, half-goat discovered in Zimbabwe


The Daily Telegraph on September 28, 2009 reported a goat, which died just a few hours after birth in Lower Gweru, Zimbabwe, had a huge head and face which resembled a human as well as goat legs and a tail. The Zimbabwe Guardian reported that Midlands Governor and Resident Minister Jason Machaya maintained the creature was the result of a coupling between man and goat. “This incident is very shocking. It is my first time to see such an evil thing. It is really embarrassing,” Machaya  said.   ”The head belongs to a man while the body is that of a goat. This is evident that an adult human being was responsible. Evil powers caused this person to lose self control

Montauk Monster


The “Montauk Monster” was found in the area  of Montauk , Long Island, a coastal New York, town in 2008.  It had a hairless body like a doga dog but a beak and teeth that were very strange.

Some say the  ”Montauk Monster” was raccoon carcass that washed ashore dead.  The identity of the creature, and the veracity of stories surrounding it, has been the subject of controversy and speculation. It is unknown what happened to the carcass. William Wise, director of Stony Brook University’s Living Marine Resources Institute, interpreted the photo along with a colleague; they deemed the creature a fake, most likely the result of “someone who got very creative with latex”, although his “next-best guess” was that the creature could be a diseased dog or coyote which had “been in the sea for a while”. Wise discounted the following general possibilities:

Raccoon – the legs appear to be too long in proportion to the body.

Sea turtle – sea turtles do not have teeth, and the body cannot be removed from the shell without doing damage to muscle and skin tissue and the spine.

Rodent – rodents have two huge, curved incisor teeth in front of their mouths.

Dog or other canine such as a coyote – the prominent eye ridge does not match the creature’s feet.

Sheep or other ovine – sheep have two-toed hooves, not multi-toed paws.


Plum island is an animal disease center just outside Long island wich is one of the most dangerous bio-labs in the U.S. They are performing studies and tests on bio-warfare and exotic diseases of animals .  Some maintain the creature was an experiement from that lab.


Monster face otter


A bizarre creature with a long hairy body with bald skin on its head, feet and face showed up in a small Canadian town, according to media reports. It was discovered by two nurses in the town of Kitchenuhmaykoosib in Ontario, Canada, while they were out on a walk with their dog.

The two took some photographs of the dead animal pulled out by their dog from a lake, then they left it alone. When locals went back to retrieve the body, it was gone. It has dark brown fur, head , face, smooth legs , no feathers . The face was like a boar with the nose of a big dog.

East River Monster Mystery

Photographer Denise Ginley shot pics of the rotting, sand-covered corpse on Sunday while strolling with her boyfriend along the Manhattan side of the East River in July 2012.


Credit: Denise Ginley


Credit: Denise Ginley

“The Parks Dept. was probably very quick to identify it as a pig and dispose of it, but it is most certainly NOT a pig,” Denise Ginley stressed to the Daily News. “The most obvious sign being the lack of a cloven hoof, instead this creature has five digits all close together.”

Russian Trench Creature.


In 2009 these weird creatures were found in an abandoned foundation pit in the Russian city of Chelyabinsk. Some maintain they were horseshoe crabs.

The creature had more than 20 little legs.



Chupacabra monster of China 

Chupacabra is Spanish for a creature that attacked goats and sucked their blood. Rumors of the   mysterious monster myth originated in Puerto Rico but soon spread to North and South America,  .In March of March of 2010 , in the area of the city of Suining in Sichuan province, southeast China,  an animal very similar to the description of the Chupacabra was captured.The animal attacked chickens in the area, according to Suying Ke, the chickens’ owner . He saw the animal bite to eat meat from a shredded cicked. . He tried to chase the strange beast with a stick but hado success . Finally thanks to the help of neighbors, they were locked up in cage the beast .

The beast looks like mixed between mice , kangaroo and a dog with huge claws . It is about 60 cm long with a 30 cm long tail When villagers fed vegetables and meat to it it would  chew the food voraciously People said that it was extremely aggressive.

9/11 Attacks

Probably the worst attack in our history that shook the world and awakened everyone to the true reach of terrorists. Circa 11 September, 2001, Al-Qaeda were waging a war against the whole world, and this time around, they wanted to make a statement that would resonate amongst every human soul alive. They achieved this by hijacking four commercial flights and crashed two of them straight into the World Trade Centre, the two colossal towers in New York. The other two flights were directed to the Pentagon and the Capitol building, albeit the latter was never hit as the passangers of the plane tried to over-power the terrorists and crashed in Pennsylvania.
Nearly 3000 people died. None survived. This was a wake-up call for the world, and the world rightfully waged a war against terrorism.

The Oklahoma City Bombing

America received it’s first blow of terrorism in Oklahoma, when members of the militia movement attacked the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City on April 19, 1995. The blast claimed lives of 168 civilians and did a total damage of $652 million.
This was the worst terrorist attack America had seen in it’s history, till 9/11 occurred.

26/11 Mumbai Attacks


India saw one of the worst terrorist attacks on Novermber 26, 2008, when a group of Pakistani Islamist terrorists launched a series of well-planned attacks all across Mumbai. They initiated it by opening fire at some of the busiest public places, including the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, the Oberoi Trident, the Taj Mahal Palace & Tower, Leopold Cafe, and Cama Hospital.The ordeal lasted for four days killing 164 people and wounding at least 308. One terrorist was caught alive and imprisoned for further investigation.

The Beslan Massacre

The Beslan School Hostage Crisis of September,2004 is one of the most horrifying incidents to take place in the European continent. The Massacre took place in Beslan, Russia, when a group of Separatist militants took more than 1,100 people hostage in a school, including 777 school children. The fight between the militants and the forces lasted for three days and ended in the death of 334 hostages and injuring many more.
This brought about a drastic change in the Russian law enforcement agencies and anti-terrorist protection.

The Bentalha Massacre

The Bentalha Massacre took place in Algeria on September 22-23, 1997, where more than 200 villagers were mutilated by armed guirrellas. The Bentalha Massacre was amongst several others that occured in 1997 all across Algeria, killing thousands, and injuring many more.
The killings occured as a sign of revolt against the civil conflicts over elections and was carried by the Armed Islamic Group.

As a reader, do you think terrorist attacks will ever stop in this world?